#203 A week of sketches

I’m guilty of neglecting  the blog again, but I’m still sketching ….. sort of. All still in my little diary/journal with it’s unfriendly paper. But what I am finding out is how to work with difficult papers. Gouache is so forgiving, it works so well on this flimsy paper.


Watercolour works in a fashion but only if I put a layer of gesso on the page. It’s not the ideal surface for watercolour but it can take a layer or two. Good enough to try out different mixes for skin colours. It seems almost any yellow red and blue will give a reasonable flesh colour.


I need to think of different things for each day, maybe I’ll dedicate one day a week for a portrait. I remembered David Rankins 5 minute Sketching Recipe. Not that my sketch was 5 minutes but I will keep trying. If you are interested in quick face sketches have a look at his site. Very cool.


Which led to to another weekly page idea. Dogs or animals ….. lots of scope there.


A page for ideas and experiments and what I am currently using.  Still Cyan,  Yellow and Magenta. But I did use ultramarine for the background on the dog page, just because it was easier than trying to mix the blue I wanted.


A brainless contour sketch because I couldn’t think of anything else. I should do more of these too. Great practise in hand eye coordination.


A page or two for the weekly challenge on Wetcanvas.


I forgot that the brushpen bleeds through this paper as you will see on the following page.


The Micron liner doesn’t deposit as much ink so there is little bleed through on this sketch and it works well with gouache.


And to finish the weeks post with another dog (actually it was more than a week). I’ll try to keep to the weekly posting.
This week I have also been posting on my Facebook page. I was nominated by a friend to post a painting a day for seven days and to nominate another friend to do the same. As a relative newcomer to facebook I find from my little list of friends (sad isn’t it?) that most have already done the challenge or are too busy at this time of the year. So instead I’m sharing a painting each day along with one a painting or sketch from seven artist friends who have inspired me.


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