#204 A bit of this and that

The diary/journal continues along with a few experiments.
This week I started doing another online tutorial from Shari Blaukopf on Craftsy. I love her work and her teaching style is delightful to watch. This class is a great follow on from her first class, and delves a little deeper into composition and techniques without dwelling too much on the basics.

My first diary entry this week was a thumbnail for the class homework using a Tombow marker which bled horribly through the flimsy paper. Aargh! It’s all trial and error.


Then the finished sketch from the thumbnail painted in a little moleskine journal. The size is a bit limiting for this type of work so next time I’ll choose a larger format.


Daunted by the bad bleed through from the thumbnail sketch I decided to stick to pen with dry media. I rubbed some dry pastel over scribbled ink on the pear. I also found a use for some of those little experimental swatches I have lying around.


Ah, back to gouache. It’s so much easier to paint with on  this paper. And Danny’s new book arriving in the mail was my inspiration for the day.


And a couple from the 2 hour challenge on Wet canvas.  One good thing about painting this size is that I am more likely to keep up a daily painting, it seems much less effort.



Inspiration from my garden, before the flowers finish on this plant. A chance to use up the green paint from yesterday.


Yes, the tree went up today.


And finally another experiment. Knowing that these liners and water brush would bleed through I gessoed the page first. It takes no time, especially with a hair dryer. The paper buckles quite a bit but I can flatten it out by placing the page between two sheets of paper to protect it and iron with a steam setting. Works well.


The diary will continue. All I have to do is keep thinking of different things go to sketch ……. or maybe just do one thing over and over till I get sick if it.


6 thoughts on “#204 A bit of this and that

  1. I too love seeing your many experiments with media — thanks for continuing to post these! I was given a lovely hand-sewn leather journal 2 years ago that also had very challenging paper.
    I need to learn more about how gouache works; my attempts look so dark and dull while yours look quite lively and fresh!

    • Thanks Vicki. I struggled with gouache in the beginning but love it now. It’s so quick to work with, no need to wait for washes to dry.. I loved your Christmas tree texture BTW.

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