#205 Doodling or Drawing

It’s official! Doodling is good for you and there are now many reports out there confirming it. 
I’ve never been a wordy person but I’ve always been a doodler,  scribbling while on the phone or simply making marks while the brain is supposedly otherwise engaged.  According to Wikipedia “doodling can aid a person’s memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain’s processing power, as well as from not paying attention. Thus, it acts as a mediator between the spectrum of thinking too much or thinking too little”.
Sunni Brown has written a whole book on the benefits of doodling and says there’s no such thing as a mindless doodle. The physical act of producing a doodle necessarily engages the mind, opening doorways into the imagination, the intellect, and the oft-hidden centers of insight. 

There’s also a great talk becoming a great artist through doodling by Stefan Bauman on TED here

I guess thats one of the reasons behind the current fad of colouring in books. Its a way of keeping the pencil moving without putting too much thought into it. Calligraphy or drawing letters is also a form of meditative doodling so I guess that’s why I enjoy adding text to my sketches.


This week I also discovered Etegami.  This is a wonderful way to tune out the brain. The speed of drawing is slowed down and you concentrate completely on the way the ink flows onto the paper, on your breathing and heartbeat. With etagami it’s actually better to complete a clumsy drawing than a perfect one.


Because the paper in this journal isn’t meant for wet ink drawing,  the bleed through to the next page was pretty unsightly. So I used the blobs for a mindless zentangle of an imaginary flower. A zentangle is another state of drawing where you go into the zone.  Drawing repetitive designs can be very calming.


You need to be an Aussie to appreciate the jingle on vegemite  – you can see it on youtube. The cat and vegemite sketches were from photos by crispur for the weekly 2 hour drawing challenge on Wetcanvas.


And this one’s just because I like to try and do one portrait a week.


Something we use a lot of, and this time of the year money does seem to disappear a little faster.


Sometimes its hard to think of different things to sketch each day. If you get stumped on what to sketch you can find 400 ideas here.

Finally this will be my last post before Christmas so here is my greeting card from me and him to all of you 🙂 Best wishes for a safe and wonderful Christmas.



14 thoughts on “#205 Doodling or Drawing

  1. I’ve been in a RUT for a while now, and I’m loving the look of your doodle/diary. Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve got a square handbook journal that I’m planning to start January 1, and I think I’m going to copy your format, words and date on the left and drawings on the right… you have inspired me to do something different this year.

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