# 206 Diary Paintings

The little diary is filling up. I am able to use this book – it’s not ideal but because it is so small I find it easy to commit to a daily sketch/painting. My greatest problem is thinking of suitable subjects that suit this format and paper.  I come to a full stop looking for things to paint around here. I like doing different things and I can’t paint fruit or still life endlessly. Thats where I find the weekly 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas is great for inspiration. I know painting from photos is limiting and frowned on in some circles but I’m lazy and if it makes it easier for me to find something and just dive in I’m all for that instead of wasting hours wandering around looking for something that inspires me.

I’d like to do more ink brushpen sketching but on this paper that’s out. Transparent watercolors are out. So I guess by the time I’m through with this book I should be pretty familiar with gouache.

First up, a gouache sketch from a photo by crispur on Wet canvas.


A bunch of grapes from my fridge – yes, a still life.


My little fur grandchild, so cute!


Another still life from the cookie tin.


A common sight around my part of the world in December.


From a photo on Wetcanvas posted by tyree.


An Etegami ink sketch from another photo by tyree. I must do more of these, they are quick and have more charm if they are blobby and clumsy.


My local favourite beach. I had to gesso this page because of the ink bleedthrough from the previous page so I thought I could use transparent  watercolour here.


And now my bad painting of the week. I’ve read many times where you need to do X amount of bad paintings before you can progress. Well that’s another crossed off the list. After I overworked this to death this post from Shari Blaukopf appeared in my mailbox.  Why don’t I remember to simplify like that?


Another from Wetcanvas, photo posted by breadmerchant. Appropriate as the sun sets on the old year.


Another from real life – picked from a tree just starting to come into flower.


And another, nicked from a bush hanging over a fence on my morning walk.


And finally another from a photo by breadmerchant on Wetcanvas.


Well that’s rather a marathon post for me. That’s what I get for painting daily and not keeping up with the blog. Maybe I should just pick out the pages I like instead of posting the lot. What do you think?


21 thoughts on “# 206 Diary Paintings

  1. OMG, Arfy is so good – your man smoking is great – everything is wonderful. You’ve really done a great job with all of your subjects in that book in gouache. Well done and nice diary you’ve created.

  2. I love seeing them all here. Instagram is great but very tiny, on your blog everything is so nice and big. This is a beautiful collection accompanied by your hand lettering, lots to love. I struggle with finding that inspiration too, sometimes I feel like a broken record but I agree, a photo can do the job. Oh yes, the struggles, the minute I think I have it figured out I mess up. I guess thats a good thing even if it feels defeating. Thanks for sharing all of this, its wonderful!

  3. Hello Ros, Please don’t leave any page of your diary out. I enjoy so much each of your contributions! Thanks so much! Best to you and your family! 🙂

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