#208 Sketchbook Experiments

I can’t believe this!! I typed a whole weeks worth of notes about sketches with very eloquent anecdotes πŸ™‚ hit preview and lost the lot  – twice!! Grrrrr.  I’m doing this on my tablet because for some reason I just can’t get into WordPress via my computer to add  a post. I’ll try again with an abbreviated version.

I have been doing some experimenting this week with a few different materials.  While I love gouache I do get a little bored using the same thing each day.

Firstly my usual gouache.


Then from my dungeon of art supplies. Very old Stabilotones.  I haven’t used these for ages. These are chunky water soluble crayons – now discontinued but replaced by Stabilo Woodies. I like that you can use them to draw, spread the colour with a water brush and draw back over again , either wet or dry. They work well on this paper without the bleed through you can see from the following page.


A little gouache from a photo on Wetcanvas by Bun for the 2 hour challenge.


Another from Bun. I like participating  in the weekend challenges on Wetcanvas because I can always find motivation  there when I’m stumped for something to paint.


Another from Wetcanvas from a photo by Scattycat. This was a challenge to paint on an unusual surface.  I have so many different objects from a past life here  that I didn’t want any more around the house. I picked up a book of sheet music from the op shop one day meaning to use it for something like this. It was a great surface to take a watercolour wash.


And another from a photo by Scattycat. Sometimes the painting happens fast but words fail me. So a quick Google search for something cow related and I slightly adapted the words. Apologies to John and Paul.


One from my own photo stash. A pretty fellow who visited our picnic while on our trip around Oz.


Another one from my pics.


I inherited a stash of art goodies which included a set of polychromos pencils. I have never had the patience to use these before although I have admired work by others. My sister in law wanted to do some drawing and set up a vase of flowers.  Not the easiest subject to start with.



I’m not good at tedious and needed a faster way of sketching. It was suggested on a Facebook site that a faster way of sketching is to use markers as a base with coloured pencils over. I experimented with the markers but found they bled through this paper like thin tissue. I then tried them over a coat of gesso and that was successful. The markers like this surface and and the polychromos worked really well on top.


I use a few pages in the back of this journal for trying these different things out. Definitely not a pretty sight! So on to more experiments.

I’m posting this now before I lose it again!  I’ll be back to edit after I’ve posted.


23 thoughts on “#208 Sketchbook Experiments

  1. I was having WordPress issues this morning as well, I think it was at their end but seems to be OK now.

    The red bird that visited you looks like a crimson rosella. You’ve captured the colours really well!

    “Something in the way she moos” πŸ˜‚

  2. I love your journal, every page is a delight. I bet it is great going back over old work? I like all the different challenges you set yourself. Your vase of flowers is beautiful, ( unusual for me to say as I don’t usually go for flower art)

  3. Oh thank you for another look into your journal. Really wonderful and inspirational. Sorry to hear about the technical issues, I have them too and get so frustrated.

  4. Hi Ros >> A breath of fresh air is your blog. I’ve always liked sketchbooks as there is no pressure on what the end product will be and so things can have a sense of freedom and no set outcome. Love your sketchbooks >> Mine is the first one with the corn though they are all nice. You have a very sensitive way in which you handle the brush. Lovely work!

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. I just had a quick read of a couple of your posts. What an interesting life. Now there is a place for sketching. Do you think people feel the same about a sketches as they do about someone taking their photo?

  5. Hiya Ros >> I think its a far more personal thing when you sketch someone. After all it’s very intimate as you are continually looking at them gathering information that interests you the most; maybe what expresses the subject’s personality. For me, photography can capture that in a split second but it’s either luck or that sixth sense that all great photographers seem to have. Its hit and miss for me 😦 How about you Ros?

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