#209 Feature Post!

I wondered why I had so many likes and comments on my blog and Instagram site yesterday morning. I was delighted and honored to find that I was the featured artist for that day on Doodlewash.com You can see the post here.
Thanks so much Charlie for inviting me. It was a pleasure being on your page.


So, after that little excitement it’s back to my daily journal entries. Following on from my dabble with markers I thought I’d see how well I could get them to work on a landscape sketch. I do love the speed of these. A quick outline with a fine line pen, then block in with the colored marker and a bit of extra shading or highlight colour with Polychromos colour pencils. I added a little heavier marker to define the shapes.


This is my boy Hamish, who was posing so nicely for me, and  because I had gessoed the previous page I knew I could use a brush pen for the outline without worrying about the pen bleeding through the paper.  I love doing these simple Etegami type sketches/paintings.


The weekend drawing event on Wetcanvas challenge this week was to do a self portrait. I have done a few before, each looking totally different so I’m pleased to think that this is the closest I have come to a likeness.  I still have a way to go yet though :mrgreen:
I recently bought a book by Pat Weaver – Watercolor Simplified and although I’m only part way through it I love it. She writes in a no nonsense way, direct and to the point, similar to how she paints, with great information on composition, value, drawing, etc.  I read all the reviews on Amazon first and they were just about all 5 star. Unfortunately the book is not shipped to Australia so I had to buy a Kindle version. At least there is no waiting and it’s a little bit cheaper.
One great tip I picked up from her book was when doing a front on portrait, is that a line drawn from the outside corner of the eye, the nose and the inside corner of the eye will form an equilateral triangle. This keeps the nose in correct proportion. I never knew that before!


I did this one in my veggie garden. I am so proud of my bean crop πŸ™‚


Another one from the garden. I don’t know if she is a good butterfly or one that will leave her babies to destroy my beans.


Another one from the Wetcanvas 2 hour challenge.  Connievanwinssen posted the photos this week and shared photos of a trip to Nepal.


And lastly, yesterday was Australia Day. Traditionally a time of BBQ’s, gatherings and beach parties. Thongs (yes, that’s what we call them in Oz, not flip flops) are part of the National dress, especially on the beach!



9 thoughts on “#209 Feature Post!

  1. It was really nice seeing you on Charlie’s blog. Your write up was so informative and loved seeing more of your work. Fun seeing you latest entries in your sketchbook, beautiful work.

  2. Warning ‘Thongs’ in the USA is a term for undergarments that allow your buttocks to hang out in the breeze (so to speak)…. love your ‘flip flops’ and all your pages, so inspiring. I used some Matte Gell Medium (Liquitex) on a page in my journal like yours and it worked great to allow a sloppy wet watercolor yesterday with no buckling or bleed thru. I’ve been having fun with TomBow markers, so far no bleed thru even on untreated pages.

    • Hehe, we call those thing G strings. We do have different names for things here. What you call fanny bags……….. well we won’t even go into that here πŸ˜€ I love Tombows too, but they do bleed through my paper, and they aren’t archival and some fade after a while.

  3. Such an honor to feature you and your amazing work Ros!! Thanks so much for being part of Doodlewash!! β€οΈπŸ˜ƒ And these sketches are brilliant! Love them all! I’m still pretty terrified of faces so thanks for the triangle tip! I didn’t know that!! 😊

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