#210 Finding Inspiration

One way of finding inspiration for a daily sketch is to sketch something you are parting with ( “discardia” as Cathy Johnson refers to it). This was part of my Noritake dinner set, very trendy in the 70’s but no longer used. This way I have a momento of it without cluttering up the dresser.


I hadn’t done an animal for a little while. Inspiration for this one came from the weekend newspaper. Kangaroos are a common sight along some of the south coast beaches in this part of the world.


Sometimes I just don’t know what to put on the page for the day. This time I thought I’d try a random wash of colour, pick up an item and do several overlapping contour sketches. I like trying something different. I guess that’s why I liked this quote.


The weekly challenge on Wetcanvas was to paint something you don’t normally paint. I don’t do abstract, I don’t get abstract although I do enjoy looking at some of them. With all the hype about Rothko’s $46.5 million painting I used that as my inspiration for the challenge. Pity I was only offered 46p for it :mrgreen:


And here was the photo I used for inspiration. Hmmmm, I can see how this can be used as a jump start for other abstract ideas.


I decided that drawing inspiration from famous painters is another way to fill up some more pages. I’ve always liked Monet’s impressionist paintings so I had a go at one of his water lily scenes. I even found a sample of his handwriting to copy. Maybe I can find a job as a forger?


Back to mundane. Trying to follow Danny Gregory’s advice with Art before Breakfast but if I did that breakfast would probably never happen.


And finally, a quick little etegami sketch. Maybe I should rename this type of art as Etegami means letter art – to be posted. These will never be posted because they are in my journal. Maybe there is a word for “Journal art ” ジャーナルアート ?


I do lack inspiration at times for my daily sketch. Sometimes I put it off till last thing then just pick something at random. What do you all do for inspiration and do you have any suggestions for me?

21 thoughts on “#210 Finding Inspiration

  1. Dear Ros, you possess all the art skills. And you have creativity in abundance. Thanks so much for sharing another great post! Take care. 🙂 X

  2. Ros this is so beautiful! I love the idea of this journal with daily sketches, taking inspiration from anything around you and the quotes. I love to sketch I need to start something like this is very inspiring also I like the sketch book you using can you give me some info about it can I find it
    online? I love sketch books I always buy them in different sizes and paper weight 🙂

    1. Thanks for your great comments. I have many sketch books too but this is the main one at the moment. It was a gift bought at a book binders shop in Florence I think. The paper is fairly lightweight but the book is very well made. I’ll see if I can find out where it was purchased.

      1. Thank you Ros and you are very welcome I love your Blog! I know beautiful paper is made in Italy btw I am Italian I was born and raised in Italy but I moved to USA – California in 2002. Florence is well known for beautiful handmade paper 🙂

  3. Ros, I always look forward to your posts and seeing the pages of your sketch book. I have a hard time believing you lack inspiration as your books are always filled with amazing things and moments and different styles and techniques. You inspire me to try different things which I greatly appreciate.

    Right now I feel like my inspiration is lacking and I’m repeating myself in my creativity. Its winter here and very cold. I tend to turn towards nature to help my brain engage. I’m taking the latest class, “expressing” in sketchbook skool and that’s really helping.

    1. Thanks Cathe, I really appreciate your comments. I resisted Sketchbook Skool because I’ve taken too many courses lately and had to draw the line somewhere. I think I’m feeling a little stifled by using my tiny journal, but I’m determined to finish it before I start another.

  4. Inspiration comes from things great and small. I like how we find inspiration all around us and I find visiting your blog and seeing what others are doing here on WordPress helps “fill the well.” I love your coffee/tea quote! You’ve inspired me to get drawing!

    1. I’m glad I’ve inspired you. I spend a lot of time looking at blogs too. Maybe I need to use different materials for a change, but I’m limited with my little journal that I’m determined to finish.

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