# 211 My week of sketches

I do a lot of my sketching from photo references on the weekend challenge on Wetcanvas. Last weekend it was my turn to host the challenge and my sister kindly allowed me to post some photos of her recent trip to China. So of course I had to do a few of them.
I quite liked the shadows falling across the doorway in one photo, so I thought I’d like to try that, but the paper in my little journal does not like layers, or even watercolors very much, so the shadows weren’t very successful. Pity about that. I might even attempt this again on good paper.
I thought it was appropriate to try a Chinese style calligraphy text to accompany this sketch. After experimenting with a couple of different pens I had more success using a small brush and black gouache for the lettering. 


For a change I thought I’d do a “sample” painting of a possible larger painting for my bedroom. Gouache only sketch.


Now something different, drawing lips. I started with graphite and spent way too long on that so I tried watercolour pencils,  then gouache. Then I decided to fill the page by seeing how little I can get away with and still look like lips. I found many great reference photos for these on Pixabay, where you can find some amazing images, not only portraits. The lettering was done with an Artline Calligraphy .2 pen.


Another possibility for a larger painting along the same theme as before. Gouache again.


I’d like to be able to speed up my shorthand note taking sketches. I used another of my sisters photos for reference. I’m not happy with my work sometimes so including an appropriate  quote puts it into perspective and reminds me not to get precious about it. 🙂


And a  now commission, yay!  It’s nice to know that someone liked my work enough to commission me to paint a little teddy bear image for their logo.


Finally an “Etegami” type sketch.  I don’t think I can call it by that name because I’ve learnt that an Etegami is letter art and “must ” be posted. So I’ll just call it a simple sketch with words. Any ideas for a more apt name for this type of sketch?


As you can see there is definitely no theme or continuity to my choice of subject matter. I jump from here to there and some days I have absolutely no idea what to sketch. Maybe I should pick a theme and stick to it for a while but I’m sure I’d get bored with it very quickly. But I’m pushing myself to keep on at it, simply putting more miles on the brush and pen and hoping to get better along the way. I’m open to any suggestions any of you might have.


10 thoughts on “# 211 My week of sketches

  1. I’m like you, I like to change subjects a lot! 😜 I enjoyed seeing your journals. You have beautiful lettering and artwork. 💖💕 I especially like your flowers in gouache. 😃🌸

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