#215 Weekly Sketches

Another week of assorted sketches in my little journal.
We had a visit from my sister in law during week so we had a few days of outings. One such outing was on a glorious autumn morning to a great little cafe right next to the water. Sun shining, 26C we enjoyed a gourmet breakfast sitting on the deck.  I like to eat my breakfast when it arrives. I’m much too impatient to paint it first so I take a photo and paint it later.


I didn’t manage my daily painting over the next few days so I had to play catch up. Me being lazy again I grabbed another photo by misswiss from last week’s challenge on Wetcanvas.


I’m always looking for something different to paint and I found a fun image of shoes on Pixabay.


More photos from Wetcanvas this week, hosted by WhitePen who provided a selection of beautiful photos from Austria. I couldn’t find any suitable quote or saying for this image so I just wrote down what I knew about Austria.


The scenery is truly stunning in Austria and the photos brought back memories of our trip to Bavaria in 2014. Yes, playing catchup I got the date wrong.


I think this is the Styrian regional bird called the Stieglitz. I wonder if this is where the “Stig” got his name from? Gouache and ink for this one.


Then I thought I might like to do a series of gouache portraits of painters, starting with Frida. Just another idea : )


I was asked on a forum to do a video demonstrating how I made my quick mini purse journals. Making a video is not in my realm of skills so I took a series of photos instead. I thought some of you may be interested in this too. These journals are great because they are so lightweight and easy to slip in a bag or pocket along with a pen so you can always have something on hand for a quick sketch. Thanks to Magny for the original idea. I used 98lb drawing paper for the pages and some black card I found in a local scrapbook store.


And I did manage to use it when we were out for breakfast. As I was with a couple of non sketchers I just scribbled a quick line drawing while they were basking in the sunshine, and added colour later at home.


I used ink and watercolour for most of the images this week. Now that I’m getting near the end of my little journal I think I’ve finally learned how to use watercolour on that paper.


16 thoughts on “#215 Weekly Sketches

  1. How awesome!!! I signed up for email updates to your blog and now I get inspiration right in my inbox!!! Awesome wc sketches! Thanks for the inspiration! I need to try and do one quick sketch a day, or at least a week! 🙂

  2. Hl love to see your daily sketches but always wonder how you manager to fine such appropriate quotes, also which medium do you usually work in or does it depend on subject. Do you sketch out and paint at home. I am still trying to get into habit of sketching daily. I always seem to find an excuse and say to myself I will do it later and of course that never happens. Any tips would be most welcome as I love your style!

    • Thank you Marissa. I often just google a key word appropriate to the subject. Sometimes I even make them up lol. I do most of my painting at home because I don’t like to paint outdoors on my own. I use mostly watercolours and gouache with some ink. The best tip I know is to paint 300 paintings a year, you can divide a page into 4 segments and do small. Quantity wins over quality for me. I just started painting daily when I decided to keep this little diary – it’s tiny 9 x 13 cm – and I feel committed to doing a daily entry. Posting it each day on Instagram makes me keep up the committment.

  3. Hi Ros- I’m impressed by your small daily sketches and the journal you made. Did you sew the pages to the cover? What was the cover stock? I’m not in a daily habit, so I’m impressed with those who are. Your work is lovely!

    • Thanks Jean, I’m more than impressed by your sketches. The cover is black cardstock from a local scrapbooking store. No idea what it is called but it’s heavier than 300gsm watercolour paper. I stitched right through the pages and cover. Super quick, and no handstitching or gluing – apart from tidying the thread ends.

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