#217 Weekly Sketches – Blogging and Instagram

I started this little journal in November as a way to make me sketch daily. Because the paper has it’s limitations I decided to use one page for paint and write on the other. I intended to use it as a diary with an added sketch but I decided that writing daily stuff isn’t inspiring for me, in fact it was just plain boring. So it has evolved into a book of mainly quotes that inspire or amuse me. I have had to improvise a bit along the way though, often because I have used the wrong materials.

I started posting these images to Instagram, just for fun. Instagram was new to me and my first few posts were cropped to the square format and came out looking pretty silly, and the images are so tiny that it is hard to see much anyway. Then I got about 4 or 5 likes for each one. Gradually I started to learn my way around. It seems there is quite a different audience out there. I started getting followers, and I always check to se what is in their feed. Some were looking for partners, showing off their bodies, their cooking skills, selfies or advertising something. Time wasting but interesting.

All of a sudden last week my followers jumped up to over 200, mostly by arty types and there is more communication happening. It’s interesting to see what images people like over others. I also still post to Flickr, mainly as a way of keeping a photo album and I can sort the individual albums so it makes looking for an image easy. And if my computer crashes the photos are all still there. The images are much larger and can be increased in size to view unlike instagram.  But I still prefer blogging, it’s more of a personal thing rather than just sticking a picture up that is gone in a few moments.  So back to blogging, despite my computer glitches, and this weeks sketches.

 Here I am, thinking about what colours I will put in my palette when I’m off on my next trip ….. which is months away…… but nothing like getting ready early. And it gives me time to practise travel sketching : ) Hopefully I will have time to do some sketching in places other than airport lounges.15 mar Another one in my fun series of artists. Just as well they aren’t living artists but maybe they will come and haunt me. 16 marA quick one today. I almost didn’t post this but you need to see the bad ones along with the not so bad 🙂

17 mar

On my morning walk I just happened to see some figs hanging over a fence, and I just happened to have a plastic bag in  my pocket. Not planned hehe. I don’t particularly like figs but JJ loves them and they are always good to sketch. Trying out a Tombow marker with watercolours.18 mar This is my weekly sketch from the 2 hour challenge on WetCanvas from a photo posted by Lin aka oldrockchick. Just pracising for the time when I will be doing travel sketches. I did do a quick thumbnail first for composition before a pen sketch, then watercolour.19 mar Something quick again. This time I put the paint down first, let it dry, then used an Artline Calligraphy pen for the linework. 20 mar And finally, another silly artist portrait sketch with scary eyes. 21 mar



5 thoughts on “#217 Weekly Sketches – Blogging and Instagram

  1. Your sketchbook is so rich. I love seeing your work on instagram but I love it more on your blog because I get the total story and your thoughts. IG is an appetizer but this is totally a feast for my eyes! Thank you for sharing, excited to hear more about your travel plans.

    • Thanks so much Charlie. I’m only taking photos on my crummy little phone for IG and the ones for Flickr and the blog are on my camera. I do see a difference in quality on Flickr now when I view them all on one page. So I guess it’s worth the extra effort uploading from the camera via the laptop for the blog. You then get to see the best quality right here… heheh.

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