#219 The Final Pages

Easter weather here on the south coast is often a mixed bag. After a few rainy days the Monday was looking good and JJ was itching to get out into the great outdoors. He found a 4WD track out to a little inlet about 20 minutes out of town. It was a glorious day – sunshine, gentle breeze, isolated spot, lunch then a sketch to top it off. This sketch was in a Holcroft A5 225g paper journal – different to my daily diary.28 mar paWhat a great spot to be able to slip a kayak in and go for a paddle.DSCN0242I don’t usually include a photo of me but this is just because I am painting “plein air”. DSCN0236

That should have qualified for my daily painting but just because I’m still keeping up my daily diary I needed a little one for the journal, so I just painted what was right in front of me. I was wearing them most of the day in all that sunshine : )
mar 28Last week I started teaching watercolour journaling to a small class. I put a few plants on the table, demonstrated each on a piece of paper and gave the demos to the students. After they left I did a quick sketch of this succulent for the daily entry.
mar 29 A quick sketch from a trip to the supermarket. I remembered seeing this jam when we were in France. I’m off to France again in a  few months so this is getting me in the mood. Delicieux cerises!!!!
30 mar

Now I’m getting close to finishing this book I’m running out of ideas. Preparing dinner sometimes involves using interesting subjects so this was a rather quick sketch, before I started chopping and grating. And dinner was only a little late.mar 31I wanted to get another fun little portrait  in this book before the end. I have quite enjoyed these little portraits – they are only about 6 x 8 cm so rather tiny. One comment when I posted on Instagram was wondering whether it was Harry Potter or John Lennon. I guess that is one of the good things about art. It keeps you wondering.1 aprAnd finally…. ta da! The last page. Apart from 2 pages at the back where I did all the experimenting to find out what different media would work on this paper.

I couldn’t think of an apt quote for the last page other than time running out on pages, energy, ideas, and the motivation to do a daily painting, not to mention finding suitable quotes. 2 aprNow it’s completed it looks like an ancient little journal, to be put up on the shelf maybe to be discovered in years to come by my future grandchild who takes it along to the Antiques RoadShow to be told it’s worth a squillion. Hehe.

Much as I complained about the paper in this journal I must admit that it was really tough stuff. It’s only fault was that it wasn’t easy to do wet watercolour washes which seems to be my preferred method, as it tended to behave a little like blotting paper. If I had the patience to put down a colour, leave it to dry thoroughly I could apply another layer on top. But as these were really only meant to be quick sketches I didn’t really have the patience for that. And because it was so thin staining colours and ink bled through to the other side. But the journal itself was really very robust. All the rough handling and flattening out for photographs haven’t damaged the binding at all and after using it for 150 days the cover is still in great condition. So if you are ever in Florence near Pont Vecchio? (I’ve never been there so I’m trying to remember what my sister told me),  and you happen to find a bookbinders store, apparently there is a wondrous world of journals and books available, handmade by the talented owner of the store. 

However, now my new challenge to myself is to use up all the partially used journals I have before I buy any new ones. I wonder if I’ll stick to that challenge : )



13 thoughts on “#219 The Final Pages

  1. This is so inspiring, Ros! And heartwarming (I find the format very cute). Your little journal is a right treasure as there is so much of your life in it! I have always loved the combination of writing and drawing/painting on the pages you posted.

  2. I think this is a real treasure for future generations to find 🙂 Also, my comment about Harry Potter vs. John Lennon was intended as a humorous observation, I hope you didn’t take offence!

    • Aww thanks Charlie. You are always so good for boosting my ego. I won’t be embarking on another daily diary though I’ll still be sketching and posting. I’ll enjoy using different journals and a few days off here and there without feeling guilty that I haven’t done “the daily”.

  3. Hi Ros.
    I am new to your website, I don’t remember how I found it but so glad I did. I have enjoyed and been encouraged to try my own little journals. What a great gift to your family to discover.
    I will really miss your weekly entry’s but understand it’s time to move on. I hope you’ll keep them on your site as I have been go through your older ones. So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your life & love for painting, sketching with us.
    Have you ever thought of doing a class on line.? I think your devoted followers would tune in.
    Are you located in the US? Wishing you the best in your next adventure. Chris

    • Thanks so much Chris. I’m happy you stumbled on over here. I’m only moving on from that little journal and not restricting myself to just one.
      Doing a class on line???? hehe. There are many more much talented people than me doing online classes – try Shari Blaukopf and Marc Taro on Craftsy, Liz Steel on her own site, and for free you can find Strathmores free videos by Cathy Johnson, Gaye Kraeger and more on youtube. Look for Pete Sheeler and Alphonso Dunn also. So much out there : )

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