220 Still Sketching

 I’m still here, just not doing a lot of sketching at present. I’m having a bit of down time after my 150 days of sketches. I have done some messing around in my junk journal but I won’t bore you with stuff from that. However last weekend I had a sketching friend visit and we were able to get out to do a couple of sketches. It is nice to be able to have fun with a like minded friend and enjoy a day out painting. Most people’s eyes simply glaze over when I talk about art and painting.  First a cafe sketch while having coffee.   Then off to my sisters place to feed the chooks.   The darned things wouldn’t stay still so I used the sketches and a photo to do this one later. It was my sisters birthday this week so it became her birthday card.    My sister has a lovely garden too so we sat in the gazebo for this sketch. Unfortunately there were plenty of mosquitos about after we started  so it became a case of slapping insects while slapping on paint.      I also managed to do a few sketches from Wetcanvas for the weekend art event. Artastic posted photos from a trip to Havana and I used a couple for people sketches.          Shadoe posted photos from a trip top Costa Rica and I used a combination of three for this sketch.  

img_0012-1I’m posting this from my new iPad…….. big smile here! My sweet son passed on his almost new super duper iPad since he upgraded to the latest. Thank you my son.  I’m still learning my way around it. Things are a little different from the Samsung tab. My apologies if the photo files are too large and take too long to download.  Maybe someone can give me some tips. 


8 thoughts on “220 Still Sketching

    • Thanks Birgit. I wasn’t too sure about that one. I always think the layout could be better but that takes planning, something I don’t do because I’m just doing random sketches.

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