#221 Another reason to sketch.

Last night I watched another excellent BBC documentary hosted by Dr Michael Mosely. It was on general health stuff but one item in particular was on improving your memory. A study was done with 3 groups of volunteers. One group did mind puzzles and crosswords, another exercised briskly for 3 hours a week and the third took part in life drawing sessions. Yes, guess which group come out on top. Maybe it was because they were standing up to draw at an easel but the art definetly exercises the brain. I can smugly say I do all three of these with daily walking, sudoku and sketching, so hopefully I’ll keep dementia at bay in my old age

Although this week I have only a few sketches to share. I’ve slowed my pace down a little this month, but next month I’ve decided to take part in Every Day in May on Facebook once again. I joined in for the first time last year and became rather addicted to sketchbook journaling. It was fun and introduced me to a whole new world of Facebook and art related sites. A list is posted a day or so before the start of the month. If you join up you can share your art and enjoy all the other work posted. Plus it’s good for your brain.๐Ÿ˜€ It’s always interesting and inspiring to see how others interpret each prompt.

But back to my sketches for the week. The first sketch is the first page in a concertina journal – a gift from my sketching buddy when she came to stay for a couple of days. Thanks Margaret. It’s a way of breaking in a new journal while testing pigments and brush drawing…..no ink lines ๐Ÿ˜Š 

I’m always trying something different. This time it’s direct drawing with a Pentel ink brush pen and watercolor pencils on grey Strathmore paper, using a waterbrush to blend some of the pencil. Reference photo was posted by Breadmerchant for the 2 hour challenge on Wetcanvas.

Talking about water brushes I went to use my new Pentel waterbrush this week and it just wouldn’t work no matter what I did. I googled the problem but found no answers so I gave it to my technical adviser ๐Ÿ˜€ My dear man solved the problem for me. It seems that some of the hairs were inserted right into the water feed hole, and he was able to clear it by removing the offending hairs. You can see the offending hairs in the photo. It works fine now, although it is a little slimmer. I filled it with watered down ink for a test run.

I like to use a waterbrush when I go out sketching. It is so convenient. If I use a water bucket and regular brush I almost always end up spilling it and making a mess.

I ventured out sketching last week as our local town was given an art makeover when several local and international artists were invited to paint boring empty walls and laneways around the Main Street. I did a little urban sketch  of some of the guys just as they finished and were photographing their work.

And just one more for this post. Painted from a photo on Wetcanvas by KreativeK for the 2 hour weekend challenge. I did spend a little more on this but sometimes I think that my quicker sketches are much more appealing and not as laboured. 


The titles of my journal entries might all appear in French for a while. I’m trying to learn a little of the language before my next trip so I’m learning while painting. This title translation came from google so I don’t know if it’s right ๐Ÿ˜„


19 thoughts on “#221 Another reason to sketch.

  1. Hi Ross, Still living the watercolor your doing. How long have you been painting? And did You begin by painting painting that really Spoke to you? Isn’t that how the Masters Learned? Do you have any of your first paintings to share? I think your art is so cool thank you For sharing. Chris

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  2. Hi Ros! Whooo, your watercolor sketches are so lovely!!
    I just love the one with the palette and the brush ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š with the nice border and so on.

    About the French captions, that’s a great idea but I am not sure what you meant with it!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰ The word “boรฎtre” you wrote doesn’t exist in French… What do you want to say??
    You could say “Fleurs sur l’appui de fenรชtre” to say “flowers on the window sill”…

    No hard feelings for telling you? โ˜บ๏ธ

  3. I always love glimpses of your sketchbook, so lovely and inspiring. Your trip sounds fantastic and I love that you are adding French to your sketches.

  4. Fabulous sketches as always! That man of yours is a beaut.
    I might need to do more daily sketching to improve MY memory. Setting out this morning I wasn’t able to locate either of my escoda travel pens and had to include a water pen to the kit instead. Grrr.

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