223 Learning by doing

I’m always learning. I think the moment I stop learning is the time to pull the plug. Every time I sketch or play with paint I’m learning what works and what doesn’t and how I would approach things next time.

Im still taking part in Every Day in May sketching. Day 5 prompt was something you see in a park. I had been invited by a group of painters to join them at a local park so I sketched the view.image#6 – A timepiece. I found my old kitchen timer, and as I didn’t really have much time for this I set the timer for 20 minutes, sketched quickly with a Pentel brush pen and finished with watercolour. I almost made it in the 20 minutes. I just needed to add the minute marks with a white pen.image#7 – A gadget for cleaning. I didn’t find any of my cleaning items and appliances appealing to paint so I googled cleaning gadgets and found these. I thought they were hilarious but doubt that they would really work. image

# – 8 Boots. I’m still thinking about my future travels and what sketching items I should take, so this was an experiment with just a waterbrush and Koi Sakura travel palette. The Koi set is a cheaper range of watercolours but it is compact with good mixing areas. I found that by misting the paints first, dipping into pure pigment and using the water in the brush to spread the paint I was able to achieve a reasonable result. It is a bit tricky determining how much water squeezes out, but I think I can make this method work. It is much less hassle than juggling a larger palette, brushes and a water pot.

image# 9 – Someone I admire. This is Amanda Hyatt, an talented artist I was lucky to take a workshop with a couple of years ago. She is one of Australia’s leading artists and was the most inspirational and motivating teacher I have ever painted with.

imageIf you are not familiar with Amanda,  here’s a link to a great video showing how she paints her wonderful impressionist landscapes.

Amanda Hyatt

And just to show what a wonderful teacher she is I’m reposting this landscape I completed in her morning workshop. All credit to Amanda as I was only following her instructions. Now if only I could do this on my own 😀

101 ahyatt

I’ll just have to keep doing and learning some more, and have fun trying.


4 thoughts on “223 Learning by doing

  1. I love how you use prompts, I have heard of others doing so but as of yet had not taken on the challenge of trying it myself. I tend to get head-locked at times though, so perhaps I should try this out. At least in an art journal. I really liked how your timepiece one spoke to me, and think it is my favorite in this series. Thank you for sharing your talent and for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Ranae for visiting and commenting. I do these challenges to help keep me motivated and to try out different things…… and there’s always something more to try out and experiment with.

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