224 Sketching here and there

 At the moment I’m trying to decide if I can get away with just using a waterbrush and a Koi Sakura travel palette when I go travelling. It is a compact way to go without having to worry about more than one brush and a water bucket. I’m also thinking of what type of journal I’m going to be taking with me, as I’m unable to carry a heavy journal with my neck problems. I’m thinking of making a few simple pamphlet style journals that I can bind together at a later date. Just need to decide on what type of paper, so I’m trying out several at the moment while doing these quick sketches for Every Day in May.
May 10 – Candy – I don’t eat candy but I love chocolate. The Sakura watercolours are quite vivid and I was able to get believable chocolate colours with the palette. I used the waterbrush for the lettering too.

 May 11 – Bucket. I like to make art fun so this was my take for the prompt of bucket. I posted this on Flickr as well and it was picked up by Explore scoring 7500 views and over 100 faves, instead of the usual 4 or 5 😀

May 12 – Leaves – picked up in the supermarket carpark and sketched at home.

May 13 –  A suitcase, soon to be put to use 😄

May 14 – A sandwich. I decided on a BLT for lunch for its aesthetic value, instead of the boring sandwich I usually make.

May 15 – Jewelry – Hmmm, that was a challenge trying to depict pearls. The Pentel brush pen and watercolour pencils helped.

And for something different, just a pleinair sketch on an outing with the local art group. It was a beautiful sunny autumn morning with very little wind. Who cares if it’s a good or bad sketch. It’s fun to be out there doing it

Posts may be a little erratic for the next month as I’ll be going to the land of patchy internet access, but I’ll be out there in the great outdoors, hopefully doing some sketching.


22 thoughts on “224 Sketching here and there

    • Hi Judy, All the EDIM sketches are in the same book, with either Canson Montval paper or Daler Rowney drawing paper.The pleinair sketch is in a separate journal, not sure of that paper.

  1. I love these sketches! So inspiring! Somehow I particularly like the leaves which you picked up in the carpark because I always like to think that small things, like seemingly insignificant people, are beautiful, too. Happy travels!

  2. Hi Ros, i love your work and wondered what type of sketchbook you used as i am embarking on a trip to Venice and Verona and would love to start sketch my trip?

    • Hi Marissa, I use various papers in my books. These last few were done on Canson Montval and Daler Rowney. I also like Fabriano Artistico.
      I believe Stillman and Birn are very popular books. I have just purchased the Alpha journal but haven’t tried it yet.

    • Hi Birgit. Thanks for thinking of me. I’m unable to do this at the moment because I’m on a road trip into the outback and Internet access is very limited. Maybe in a few weeks if that’s ok.

      • That sounds exciting, have a wonderful time! And bring back some sketches and paintings;-)
        (I don’t think there is a time limit by the way but I don’t know)

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