227 After the trip

Here are a few more travel sketches, not in my travel journal, but done pleinair during my recent road trip. One of the conditions I made before setting off on this trip was that I wanted time at each of our camps to do at least a quick sketch or painting at that site. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. This one is from one campsite along the way, sketched with a Uniball Vision ballpoint pen and Pentel brush pen, followed by watercolour.

The main reason for this trip was to get away from the bleak weather we experience on the south coast in winter and to search out some sunshine. Our winters here are mainly rainy and cold (for Western Australia). We found some sun at Niagra Dam, an isolated spot in the Eastern Goldfields with a very arid landscape. I set up my camera tripod easel outside the van and painted this gouache sketch, with a bit of watercolour pencil scribble.
Next morning I hiked to the top of a breakaway area. The rocks have eroded away leaving the vivid red outcrops amongst the dull grey green trees, although the new growth is quite yellow.While the first was drying I turned the opposite direction and sketched the horizon.After returning home it takes a while to get back into the groove again….. or rut? I had no idea what to sketch, so I thought I’d start with something little, lying around on my desk.

The fridge and cupboards needed restocking so a trip to the farmers market for some green veg always provides something else to sketch.

Then another quick scribble with a red pencil and some watercolour over.

Still searching for inspiration I got out Lyn Chapmans Sketching People book and messed around with some faces and figures.

Then I downloaded the Sktchy app. I can now access this with an iPad as its not available to  Samsung users. Sktchy allows people to post pics for painting. Mainly selfies but good for portrait practise so I decided I’d try one. On plain old cartridge paper it’s not really the best for watercolours so I added some pencil as well. Thanks to Michelle Toudouze for her photo on Sktchy.

Well, that was totally a mixed bag this week. At least I did do some sketching after all. One day I might settle down and find my groove, instead of jumping from one subject to another.


10 thoughts on “227 After the trip

  1. I so enjoy your work and your comments on your trip. You live a world away from me and I feel like I am traveling with you. I also enjoy the way you use various media. It is hard to settle for one way to paint or sketch. But why settle for one subject ? We should all do what we enjoy.

    • Thanks Judy. I do like experimenting with different media but sometimes I feel I’m just jumping from one thing to another with no sense of direction šŸ˜

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing your trip paintings. They are beautiful and capture the rugged landscape. The way you painted the tube of paint is really lovely and fresh. Thank you for sharing.

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