#229 A portrait, a city view and boats.

Firstly another  portrait from the Sktchy app, in watercolour and graphite on buff Stonehenge paper. I like how this paper gives the mid tone allowing white highlights to be added.

Early in the week we had a quick trip to the city for a few days and I was lucky to meet up with the new Urban Sketchers group for a quick sketch in Kings Park overlooking the city. It’s always fun to meet up with others with a similar interest/obsession 😄 which is helping me overcome my trepidation about sketching in public, and enjoy the process.  I am also getting used to people peering over my shoulder and making a comment.

Then back home into the cold south on another sketch outing, I managed to find a sheltered spot in the sun out of the breeze. I actually got quite warm sketching while rugged up.

Our maximum temperatures in winter here vary from about 12 to 19c though it often feels a lot colder with our prevailing southern wind. Some hardy locals go swimming all year round. Me, I’m like a cold blooded lizard looking for a warm sunny spot, so I was quite happy doing this sketch.


9 thoughts on “#229 A portrait, a city view and boats.

  1. Your work is lovely. not sure which one I like best-as if that is important. I would love to find others to sketch with. Not here-I have tried.

    What is the Sktchy App?

      • I did some searching on Facebook groups. Sketching, pleinair,etc. There are also Meetup groups I think where you can find people with similar interests.

  2. There is a similar group in Brisbane that I joined through meet up, it is such a chore for me to go to the city I have only gone once but thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Your work is amazing, come back to WDE. I miss seeing you there.

    • Good to hear from you Christine. I love having a sketching buddy and getting outdoors. I seem to enjoy it more than photos now, apart from portraits. I’ll have a look in at WDE but I’m finding the uploading there is getting to be more of a pain. FB Instagram and WordPress are so much more user friendly.

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