230 Weekly sketches

I was enticed back to the weekend challenge on Wetcanvas last week after some time ( thanks Christine 😊) and chose a photo of an everyday scene for the 2 hour challenge. As I am also doing paintings for #Worldwatercolormonth I decided to use the month to try out different papers. This one is on Strathmore mixed media paper. It takes washes really well and dries fairly fast, which is how I like to sketch/paint so I don’t know how it stands up to layering.

Then I chose a photo from Sktchy for a rather quick painting on Fabriano Artistico. This is lovely paper which holds the moisture for a longer period, allowing nice wet in wet merging, as seen under the cap brim. img_0760

Another portrait from Sktchy. Loved the colours this lady was wearing, but I’m not too sure about the likeness. If you can’t see the original photo you’ll never know 😄 I used Bockingford paper which I didn’t enjoy it one bit. It seems like blotting paper to me, and is very difficult to lift any colour off. Where I attempted a small area the surface started to disintegrate.img_0801

I needed a break from portraits so in preparation for my upcoming trip I decided to see if I can do a believable sketch of my view in 10 minutes, using a dark sepia Pitt artist pen and colour with a waterbrush, then just using the brushpen to sketch the geranium pot on the deck. I think 15 – 20 minutes all up, so I can do it. I just have to have the confidence to put it to practise  ðŸ˜„. 

The page then needed something else so I added a little bird and some lettering to fill the page. This practise page is on Arches hot press paper. Not bad stuff!

I really should post more often and I won’t have so much catching up, but I’m not good at keeping up to date. I’d rather be messing with paint than writing stuff. So here is this weeks Wetcanvas 2 hour challenge – on Saunders Waterford paper. It’s great to paint on, and doesn’t dry too quick which is good for the colour mingling you can see in the background.

I used a different technique with this painting, mainly with a 3/4 inch flat brush. A few people were interested in the background so I thought I’d add a couple of images and hopefully explain what I did. I used the 3/4 inch flat brush with plenty of juicy colour, placed the tip of the brush on the edge of the line and pressed the bristles down almost flat against the paper. Reload the brush with more yellow or blue and placed the brush next to the first stroke.

For variation I dipped one side of the brush into yellow and the other side into blue, and dropped other colours into the still damp paint. Here I used some turquoise and quinacrodine gold. 

I enjoyed painting with that larger flat brush, so much that I might even have to see if I can find a flat waterbrush and play with that.


27 thoughts on “230 Weekly sketches

  1. Wow! this is a great series of watercolors as well as the explanation of how you used a flat brush. Also, I have not settled on one type of paper and appreciate your comments.

    Questions-what palette do you use? What was the model for the last bird? (ha) Do you often use photos? I often use photos that I have taken as I am arthritic and it is hard to be out all the time. It is so hot and humid now that I won’t go out.

    I look forward to your blog.

    • Thanks Judy. My palette for the bird is one I filled with assorted paints, all half pans to allow access for the larger flat brush. I use a smaller metal travel palette for most of my sketches and outdoors.
      The bird was painted from a photo on wetcanvas.com – All Media Art Events. Look it up if you are looking for reference photos. There is also an image reference library with thousands of photos you can use.

      • I had no trouble finding this on Wet Canvas when you first wrote. And now I cannot get to it. ay suggestions? Thanks. Judy >

      • Wetcanvas can be a pain sometimes. I find the site has a lot of downtime. I thought it was just me in a different time zone. Try again in a few hours.

      • Thanks. I am so bad with computers and tech stuff that I thought it was me!

        Judy >

  2. Lovely blog! Following! Flat waterbrush — I have one. Kuratake. It is not as good as my Pentels or Holbien, and the flat twisted almost immediately. It is nice to have when I want one though!

  3. Hello Ros, I love your sketches and comments. Thank you for your demo on how to use a flat brush, I bought one (1/2 inch) recently but have never used it so far as in fact I do not know how to use it ! I think I can make some tries, thanks to you !

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