233 Weekly Sketches

I keep trying to improve my figure sketching by trying different techniques and media. It keeps it interesting, and maybe someday I’ll what works best for me. For the following sketch I used a waterbrush with gouache and watercolour pencils.  This was from a photo in the weekend challenge on Wetcanvas.

I had another look at  Lyn Chapmans Sketching people book again for some more inspiration. This really is a great book with loads of information and examples. Sktchyapp once again came in handy for providing different images for my victims. I wouldn’t dare post them there and offend anyone, but they provide good subjects for quick practise. These are all sketched directly with a waterbrush, watercolour and watercolour pencil on top.

The blue blob in the middle of the next page resulted from me dropping it onto a freshly filled palette. That is a swatch of MGraham ultramarine blue and after scraping off the excess paint it looked a bit like a figure, so I used the waterbrush to make it into one 😄 I thought I might as well do some more and just continued using the waterbrush to do some doodles.
Trying yet another idea, this time contour sketching with a Preppy fountain pen and brown ink, with a touch of watercolour over. 

And lastly, a change from people sketches, a pleinair outing at an old building in town.  This building served as a store and office for the nearby convict-hiring depot in the 1850s. It’s framed by a couple of enormous Moreton Bay Fig trees.

I’m always disappointed with what I achieve when I’m out sketching on site but when I’m back home away from the scene It doesn’t seem so bad. I guess I just can’t compare it against the original 😄

9 thoughts on “233 Weekly Sketches

  1. You are so varied which is one reason I enjoy your work. I think I like the contour drawings the best altho the old building is great. I have never figured out how to combine colored pencils or watercolor pencils with just watercolor. It is a good idea and I am now going to try. Always so glad I found your blog.

      1. Do you first use watercolor paint and then the pencils? Do you keep alternating? I used to do a lot with pencils and so this is interesting.

      2. I do it different ways. Sometimes sketch with the pencil first, then add watercolour. Sometimes I add the pencil last, or even ink or gouache. I just play until I’m satisfied.

  2. This is so very inspiring! I find it difficult to switch gears and really experiment as you do. I must try harder. As for being disappointed about your paintings when you’re outdoors: I feel exactly the same way and I think your explanation is spot-on 🙂

  3. Wow… I really love that first portrait… all of your figures and people are always so well conceived. The loose style is beautiful (and enviable! I wish I had that! hehe). And the plein air painting looks fantastic! Love the light!

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