236 Travel Baby

Well, it’s been a while, but I’m busy with other things. Namely this beautiful child who happens to be the most gorgeous little being. Do I sound like the doting grandma? I did travel a long way to meet her. This is my first sketch of her and I’m sure there will be more. 

I have never liked air travel, mainly because when you fly from my part of the world, most of the flights are long haul, and always include a layover of some hours. This last one was 11 hours flight, one stop before the second leg of 6 hours.  I did use my time waiting around airports sketching people. It sure makes the time go faster and it beats reading or facebooking or whatever everyone is doing on their smartphones or devices. I’m actually looking forward to sketching airport people on the return journey 😊

I’m still in France, making myself helpful most of the time but I have managed to do a few early morning sketch walks while the family is still sleeping.

These sketches were done in my mini handmade journal with cartridge paper. I quickly sketched a few outlines with a Uniball pen and added colour later back in my room.  

There will be more sketches in the next post but I thought I’d include a portrait I did just before packing for my flight and didn’t get around to posting it. This was from a photo by Sky Wartooth on Sktchyapp.

Gouache and pencil on Arches cold press.


20 thoughts on “236 Travel Baby

  1. Gorgeous painting of a gorgeous baby. You have every right to be doting. Hope you do more to post.
    What size are you landscapes? I especially like the second. We are about to go to Maine and I am debating what size journal to take. Also, thanks for your post about the small paintbox you made. I finally made one, used it, and was amazed how much paint it holds.

    • So happy to hear you like the little palette. I custom made the little journal to fit inside my bumbag, maybe it’s 4 X 5″ so the landscapes would be 4 X 10? When I get home I might do a post describing my gear and what I used out of what I took with me.

  2. Congratulations grandma, what a beauty, and having a grandma that can paint a ‘ growing up’ journal of paintings, a most treasured keepsake, of wonderful talent…I will look you up on Sktchy, what’s your name on the app? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I know all the miles and waiting were worth every minute with this new bundle. Love your sketches of Chamonix. It’s one of my favorite places. Enjoy.

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