237 Sketches from France

I’m back! Did you miss me? I had a wonderful time in France basking in the late summer sunshine. I didn’t get to do too much sketching while I was there but I did have other things to keep me occupied. The weather was superb, the sunlight on the mountains is really magical, and spending time with my new granddaughter was a very special time. 

But I’m home now, almost over my jet lag and definetly not enjoying the cold spring weather we are experiencing here. It has been the coldest (and wettest) September here for about 45 years. I’m so pleased I missed most of it. It’s a good time to be indoors so I can catch up with a few of my sketches. Most of these I did in my mini journal on my early morning walk,  just a line drawing adding colour later.

Firstly, a walk into the nearest village which has a small town square where I sat and did a quick sketch of a hotel, then tried some little figure sketches of people walking. Sorry the images are so large. My journal is only 16 x 11 cm so the sketches are in reality quite small.

Another hotel.

Next morning I walked through the forest and came across a mini farm with a few animals. I tried to coax the goat closer with a handful of weeds. That’s when I discovered what stinging nettles were! The sting lasted all day.

One weekend we visited another village. I sat on the balcony and sketched this pretty house opposite. I loved the architecture of these alpine buildings, each one different and so pretty with their flower boxes full of bright blooms.

Another early morning Sketchwalk.

And finally, while I was overseas Strathmore released another of their online tutorials with Will Terrell, sketching with markers. I didn’t have any markers with me at the time, so I watched the videos and did the figure when I got home. It’s meant to be a cartoon or caricature but I have great difficulty exaggerating features, but I guess it’s all practise. It was fun anyway, a real mix of markers, coloured pencil, brush pen and gouache, on Strathmore grey toned paper. 16 X 23 cm

I still have a few more sketches to follow in my next post.


10 thoughts on “237 Sketches from France

  1. Glad you are back and had such a good time.. I love your scenes and especially like Le Belvedere and the horse.(we used to have horses) The figure is great as well. What a face! You inspired me to do small paintings and sketches on our trip a few weeks ago to Maine. I took a 5X7 journal and supplies in a plastic bag. Not as fancy as your kit. So glad I found your blog.

    • Thanks so much Judy. Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog but getting comments like yours make it worthwhile. I learned a lot from other blogs so I’m glad if I can share some tips and info.

  2. Just when I have all but given up on journaling, I see your post and am once again inspired. I love your loose style! Keep up those caricatures! She is wonderful!

    • Thanks Carmel. You will enjoy Will’s class. The Strathmore tutorials are mostly very good. You can also find some from past years on YouTube if you search for Strathmore tutorials. I discovered Cathy Johnson there in ? 2013, and Alphonso Dunn and Gaye Kraeger.

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