#238 Inktober Portraits

First just one last sketch from France, on one of my morning sketch walks.

After having such wonderful  subjects to sketch I was lacking inspiration back home, when I read about Inktober. The idea is to sketch in ink for the month of October and I thought the only way to master ink sketching is to just do it and get more miles on the brush! I’d like to let loose and free up my sketching but I still fall back on my finicky ways. So on with the struggle.

 I decided first to do a blind (or semi blind) contour drawing of the subject with a .5 Pigma Micron pen followed by a brush pen sketch. The first portrait I succumbed to adding gouache so it’s not strictly “Inktober” but I like the effect on the tan Strathmore paper.

 All the photo references are from Sktchyapp.

Pure ink for the next one …. yes!

Ink with a touch of watercolour.

Then brushpen and marker on unknown brown paper that was in this cool journal, which is actually a photo album. I like the fact that I can add different papers in this and can ditch the failures without spoiling the album.

I may or may not keep up the monthly challenge and the subjects might change, but you know me, I like variety 😄


7 thoughts on “#238 Inktober Portraits

  1. Very nice sketches. I like this idea of a sketch a day in ink.I especially like the contour drawings first and then the other. I also like the idea of using an album that you can add to or subtract. I hate tearing out pages from a journal but some are too awful to keep.

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