#218 Junk Journal

This week’s post I’m showing you a silly sketch, one I did a while ago, while watching Marc Taro’s tutorial on Craftsy on people in action. It was just on the back of an envelope, messing around with a brush and colour. Then I decided to do an ink sketch (supposedly of Marc) before adding paint. While I do a lot of this messing around stuff I often feel a little sorry that they are only on scraps of paper and even though they are pretty bad I always learn something from them.

24 mar aSo I decided to keep a book just for this purpose. Trying out different techniques, medium,   notes , quotes, whatever. Like how fast I could paint an ice-cream with different brushes and colours, or sketch using felt markers, and watercolour pencil – straight from Lynne Chapman’s latest book on Sketching People. Excellent book I might add.

This junk journal has now become my favourite one. I don’t care what goes into it or what it looks like and I have a record of all my mistakes and discoveries. I should remember to date each page too.24 mar bIn the meantime I also continue with my little daily journal. I used watercolour and ink, with felt marker for the lettering in the next few sketches.22 mar23 marThis one is the one I did after my little practise with watercolour pencils in my junk journal. I actually prefer the paper in my junk journal even though it is lightweight cartridge. This paper isn’t as receptive to watercolour pencils.24 marWatercolour and ink again, with a felt marker for the lettering.25 marWatercolour and ink with a little gesso brushed over to fade out some areas. This was painted from a photo posted by Fish for the Wetcanvas for the 2 hour weekend challenge.26 marThe additional challenge for the weekend was to use some art supplies that you don’t normally use. I did an initial ink brush sketch, then used an old cheap set of oil pastels that I have never really done anything with, so I gave them a go on recycled brown paper in photo album that I found in a stationary store.25marTo finish off the week a late night painting of a pretty crimson finch. The painting started life as a watercolour but it didn’t want to play nicely for me so it morphed into a gouache. You have to love gouache for that. It has rescued many of my failed paintings.27 mar

My posts have been getting rather long these days, but that will probably change shortly. My little journal has only about a week’s pages left. I have enjoyed doing a daily painting or sketch and it has been a great learning experience, but have struggled at times for inspiration. And to find something that will be achievable both with the paper quality and size, but I will continue to paint and post but the quantity may slow down.


16 thoughts on “#218 Junk Journal

  1. I look forward to your posts, they are so creative and entertaining. The quotes you find lend themselves so perfectly to your created works….or is it the reverse? Thank you for sharing your daily works. Claudette

    • Thank you for writing Claudette. I try to find a fitting quote, because I like to keep art fun and sometimes merely to make me feel better when I’m not happy with my work.

  2. Hi Ross,
    When I just get so much out of your weekly posts. I hope you continue they are very up lifting, & encouraging. You have actually encouraged me to give this a go. Some of your thoughts or quotes just make me smile! 🙂🙃
    Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts & awesome paintings. One of your devoted fans!

  3. I love those people sketches!! So much life and movement…soooo not bad sketches! (For those you’d have to see mine! Lol) love the idea of the junk journal…I’m totally trying that! Though I also failed to find any junk in what you posted. All of your sketches are wonderful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing, Ros!! 😃

  4. I too love your junk journal. What a great way to experiment and let go! I always look forward to looking inside of your art journal. Like comments above, your work is inspiring and uplifting.

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