239 Portraits and Plants

Well I started Inktober with good intentions, but as usual for me life gets in the way and I get sidetracked 😄 I did get another 4 portraits done but no way will I get to finish the 31 for October. All the reference photos for these portraits were from Sktchyapp.

One great thing about participating in these challenges is that you get to see a great variety of artwork and different tools used. 

My first portrait sketch is with a Pilot V disposable fountain pen. It has water soluble ink which I didn’t really like at first so I only used it for notes, but seeing what others had posted using this ink I decided to give it a go. The lines were softened with a waterbrush. I really like the effect and will use this again. It will be great for tonal sketches and even adding watercolour over it.

Next sketch I decided to use a bottle of Quink ink and a dagger brush, both of which I’ve had forever. This is water soluble again and has a blue undertone which appeared when I tried to lift a little of the ink.img_1485

The following sketch is done with a small Pentel waterbrush filled with thinned Sepia ink. I’m right handed so I paint with the right hand and hold a water brush with my left, and use this to soften the ink. I dipped the brush into full strength ink for the darker lines.

Another experiment, this time trying a minimalist approach. Basic linework is Lamy fountain pen EF nib, and Pentel brushpen for the hair. Yellow gouache background.img_1505

That’s where the portrait session from photos ended. The following day I caught up with a group of sketchers to do pleinair, but the weather was not obliging. There happened to be a meeting of local spinners at the centre and they kindly allowed us inside to sketch them while they worked. This lady was obviously a talented spinner as she kept the same position (almost) for quite a while, apart from turning her head to chat to others. 

Others were stopping and starting trying to fix up their thread, a bit like jack in the boxes. Even so, it’s a challenge to capture the scene quickly. I used the Lamy pen and Pentel brushpen, along with some “new” water soluble crayons that just happened to fall into my basket. Yes! I am a member of Art Supplies Addicts Anonymous 😂img_1455

The next day I tried some quick sketches of a couple of old blokes. The likeness isn’t great but they do look like a couple of old blokes ……..  I think 😊

And finally I managed to get to do a pleinair sketch, on a fairly rare sunny morning. It is spring here but winter seems to be hanging around a lot later this year. Hopefully we will get better weather for outdoor sketching soon.

img_1540I am learning a lot from live sketching, and there is a lot to learn. But it’s fun trying.


4 thoughts on “239 Portraits and Plants

  1. I am always amazed at the variety of work you do. The first portrait is wonderful. And the dog’s nose—you can just touch it. I enjoy learning about the variety of materials you try or use. Please keep them coming.

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