240 Planning for Bali

I’m heading off to Bali for a couple of weeks and I think I’d like to do some small gouache sketches while I’m there. So today I had a test run of my limited palette of cyan, yellow, magenta, black and white, a “stay wet” palette and different papers to try and decide what might work for me. I looked at a travel website for some photos of Bali and did some quick little sketches from them. These are all only about 9 x 6 cm, much smaller than they appear here.

First one is on 126gsm cartridge paper. It’s not really suitable for my type of painting as it has a tendency to break down if I brush over the paper while it’s still wet.

Then I tried Rains 300gsm watercolour paper. I picked up a pad of this paper recently and while it is reasonably priced and it performed pretty well.

I then used Art Spectrum Draw and Wash 210 gsm paper for the next sketch. I think this is also called Canaletto paper. It wasn’t too bad, fairly durable, but the surface felt a little slick for the gouache.

Looks like the Rains paper will be the one I use. I’ll make up another little journal and I can use it for ink and watercolour as well.

I may also have to rethink the palette idea when I’m there because it’s going to be hot and humid so I’ll just have to see how quickly gouache will dry.

I’m also still doing a few Inktober sketches. I knew I wouldn’t get to do an ink sketch a day for the month even though I started fairly well. This poor little fellow was done in a few stages and sadly ended up being a little overworked. Pigma Micron pen .05, Pentel brushpen and watercolour on Fabriano paper.

A sketch in front of TV last night, from a photo on Sktchyapp on Rains 300gsm paper with a brown Staedtler fineliner and softened with a waterbrush.

I should do this each night instead of wasting time on Facebook or Instagram, the time theives. 


12 thoughts on “240 Planning for Bali

  1. I love your ink sketches, esp. the portrait. The left side of the face stands out so beautifully amidst the soft brown tones! The gouache sketches are really neat too. I bet you’ll have lots of fun with gouache in Bali! I look forward to seeing the occasional sketch ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Agree with the above. I do love the dog–doesn’t look overworked. The portrait is lovely. I think the gauche paintings are delightful. I like working in it also but it dries out on my palette. As for size, I always have to get out a ruler and compare your cm.s with inches. And working small forces one to leave out details which is something I have to work on.

    What is a “stay-wet” palette?

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