244 Too Many Journals

I wish I was more disciplined in my use of journals. I read on some blogs how some can just fill up one journal before starting another. I seem to have several on the go at one time and have different preferences according to where I am or what I’m painting. I am getting a little more organised now though, and I’m keeping one for car sketches, one for gouache, my mini one for sketchwalks. That’s not counting my junk journal or other assorted ones with toned paper and my good paper ones.

Here are a couple from my car sketch journal, one while we were driving through the tall timber country and I tried to convey the impression of the huge trees towering above the road.

At a stop along the way trying to capture the beach scene.

When I want to paint but can’t settle on a subject I find myself browsing through photos on Sktchyapp looking for a victim. I tried the Staedtler fineliner pen and waterbrush on Sketch and Wash paper. This would have been more successful on a better watercolour paper.

I really want to speed up my sketching of faces and figures so I browsed through the Wetcanvas photos for the Weekend Drawing Event and decided that I’d try a quick 15 minute waterbrush sketch of a young girl. I added a few lines with watersoluble pencil over. Not too successful,I might add.

I decided to try a different minimalist approach, even faster, with a couple of 5 minute sketches both from Sktchyapp, using Conte charcoal pencil and crayon.

These were rather fun to do and hopefully I can learn a little about capturing the character quickly without unnecessary fiddling about.

And talking about unnecessary fiddling about I did a little gouache sketch of my beautiful granddaughter. It look me quite a bit longer than 5 minutes 😀 I loved the photo of her sleeping on a striped towel in her beachwear so I wanted to capture the moment.

I love gouache but I’m still coming to grips with it. I don’t know if I’ll ever master it but it’s fun trying. It’s very forgiving while being very frustrating at the same time.


8 thoughts on “244 Too Many Journals

  1. I really enjoy your openness about your work as well as the variety. I also have various sketchbooks/journals going . (though I am trying to finish one. ) My favorites on this blog include the very first of the trees which reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Charles Burchfield, and the one of your granddaughter. Also-the portrait with ink and water soluble pencil I think is very successful. What water soluble pencil did you use?

    You have encouraged me to use gouache more. I am trying to only use watercolors but at times it calls for something else. Appreciate your blog.

  2. What a good post. Enjoyed looking at your sketches however I really love the first portrait and the car sketches. I used to have several sketchbooks going. Now I just have two. One smaller one for my purse and my everyday one. Everything goes in it. Watercolor, marker …you name it.

  3. Thanks–I ordered a small set of the pens.

    I started cutting down the full sheets of various watercolor paper I wasn’t using and making smaller sketchbooks. Now I have too many. I also kept trying the brands I learned about on Craftsy classes. Nice to have a pile but not even sure where to keep them anymore. But not complaining. Lucky to have them.

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