Oh dear, it’s been a while since my last post and we are already into 2017. I have too many other things getting in the way at the present, so much I’ll just do a little catching up for now.

Just before Christmas I had a day with my painting buddies and we painted in the gardens of a local church. I did a little warm up brush watercolour sketch first, on Fabriano Artistico paper.img_2033After that I switched to gouache and concentrated on the ivy clad wall.img_2036

More playing with gouache, a quick little selfie(supposedly😂) once again in gouache with Pentel brushpen on cartridge paper.img_2062Another in gouache, this one had to be a specific size hence the “portrait landscape” 😊 –  on Arches paper.img_2070 And finally some Sktchyapp portraits, trying to keep within my 5 minute time limit. These are all done with a conte carbon pencil and watercolour crayons. I enjoy doing stuff like this when I have little time to sketch. It’s fun and liberating doing these quick sketches, trying to make them a little recognisable while not being precious.


7 thoughts on “245 

  1. As always, I am amazed at the variety of your work. I especially like the first two landscapes which are lovely. The gauche is my favorite. It is perfect. Can you explain the order in which you apply gauche if there is an order? I find I go back and forth and it tends to get a bit overdone.

    And thanks for the selfie portrait. Nice to have an image. And last-what is cartridge paper?

  2. Thanks Judy. With gouache I usually do a rough pot line, either in pencil or thinned gouache, then start blocking in the shapes. I use it rather like watercolour in the initial stages, gradually getting thicker as I progress. I’m still learning myself, but that’s what makes it interesting, as there is always more to learn.
    Cartridge paper is a high quality heavy drawing paper, quite cheap in comparison to artists watercolour paper.

  3. Lovely sketches, as usual, Ross. Thank you for sharing. I love the Fabriano soft press paper also. I feel it is the best combination for pen and watercolor. It is smooth enough to leave some control for pen work, while still being able to handle watercolor. You are very prolific. That’s awesome!

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