#246. 20/20 Sketches

January 1 was the start of 20sketches20days challenge on Facebook. I was invited by a friend to join in as an encouragement to sketch more, and I find if I commit to these challenges I do sketch and experiment more, trying different things that I wouldn’t normally do. I treat these sketches as a learning challenge, in various sketchbooks or different papers. 

This was a quick brush sketch on drawing paper, attempting to mix the colours on the paper. Fun without worrying about the outcome.

The only difficultly I have sometimes is thinking of a subject to sketch. I raided the recycling bin for this bottle, a remnant from New Years Eve πŸ˜€ Here I sketched the outline initially on with a yellow pen, on  Bamboo paper, then  dipped a skewer into masking fluid and added more lines and blobs.  After that was dry I applied the colour and a few ink lines and a bit of gouache for the lettering. Oh, and the Fat Yak company liked the sketch too 😊

Then I had a look at Sktchyapp for some more inspiration, again trying something different. This is a Pentel brushpen sketch in my cartridge paper journal.

Another Sktchyapp inspired portrait in gouache and Pentel brushpen.

A Sktchyapp geometric challenge. It started out ok but I lost my way. As it was only another experiment with coloured pencils on photocopy paper I abandoned it. The fun is in the journey, not the destination πŸ˜€
This next one was meant to be a watery silhouette type of sketch but I messed up big time and resorted to gouache to save the day again. This was the first time I’ve used gouache in my Stillman and Birn Alpha journal and it played very nicely πŸ˜€

A journey to the city for various commitments meant I had some waiting around to do. The following sketch was done while waiting in the gardens of a lawn cemetery. 

Then in the waiting room of a hospital. Not my appointment, I’m just there lending moral support πŸ˜€ I actually enjoy waiting now if I have my sketchbook. I get annoyed if I don’t have it and have to resort to playing Sudoku on my phone.

 I had my multicoloured magic pencil to play with here, but decided it needed watercolour to make it believable.
Because I’m getting rather lax in regular postings I still have more catching up to do but I don’t want to overburden this post. I do almost daily uploads to my Instagram account as I find it quick and easy, just a photo and a couple of words and hashtags. 

My question to you ….. do you enjoy reading my (sometimes) weekly notes with several images or prefer a post  with a few notes every day or so? Or even prefer to follow on Instagram? I’d like to hear from you.


17 thoughts on “#246. 20/20 Sketches

  1. Ros,,,,I enjoy your art very much….please continue posting! In the selections you posted this time, I REALLY like this one…. the geometric challenge. Guess I’ve developed a taste for art that takes it a bit further.

  2. I’m not on Instagram so please, please continue here… I love seeing your work and reading your thoughts… like now I know you play sudoku on your phone when you don’t have your sketchbook… I do that too… LOL

  3. Please keep this blog, I’m not on instagram too!
    I love the various ways that you used in your sketches! πŸ™‚
    (I should experiment a lot more too but somehow I always grab the same “toys”)

  4. I am not an Instagram user. Please keep this format and your comments. The comments drive me to look deeper into the work to learn your techniques. Love your work!

  5. Hi Ros, I enjoy reading how you create each painting. It inspires me to be more adventurous with sketching. From a selfish point of view, more posts would be great. But however often or not you post, keep them coming!

  6. Hi Ros, Please don’t stop posting to your blog…I’m not an instagram user and would really miss the inspiration I get from all your postings. If posting shorter posts more frequently, would be more convenient for you…I’m with you. But I do love the longer posts as well. Thanks for the effort you make…you have fans out here!

  7. I’m also in that group that does not use instagram. I enjoy your posts–whatever is convenient for you daily or weekly . I am always anxious to see what you have posted when I see your name in my mail.

    And those cherries are just luscious-looking. I always enjoy your portraits. As I have written , I love the variety of your work, both media and subject. You have encouraged me to pull out my watercolor pencils and some gauche paints. I had put these away. Don’t change.

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