248 My week of Sketches

We are experiencing stunning summer weather here on the south coast, well most days. One day last week my painting buddy and I headed to the King River, an idyllic spot with beautiful granite rocks. I forgot to pack my watercolour paper and all I had was a tiny journal with me so I used gouache for this sketch.

I’d finished my painting but Zoe was still working on hers so I sketched her still working.

During the week I had  a mini class on portraits. I demonstrated the basic proportions and features using a reference photo from Sktchyapp. This is an excellent free app available for iPhone and iPad, with thousands of portrait reference photos to use for inspiration. Some not so good but there are excellent ones there too. Unfortunately it’s not available to android devices.


Each week on Sktchyapp there are a few challenges and prompts such as #quickdraw and #monday muse. The Monday muse last week loves the colour green so I grabbed a paint swatch from the hardware store and used that to sketch her for the QuickDrawimg_2448

You should know by now that I’ll sketch or paint on anything. While I was taking out the recycling papers and boxes I liked the look of the inside of a coffee box and thought it would be fun to draw on. I did another QuickDraw with a Pentel brushpen and seldom used oil pastels.


It’s all good practise for my pet portrait commissions. Here is another practise …. in my journal this time πŸ˜€ This is Tiger.


I am now doing custom paintings and if you would like a personalised portrait of loved pet or person, you can find further information on my Pets portrait page here.

17 thoughts on “248 My week of Sketches

  1. This is an excellent variety of subjects and work. Your portraits get more interesting all the time. I also especially like the sketch of your friend. Wish I could join you.

    I don’t have access to Sketchyapp. Looks like fun.

      1. Thanks. Sketchwalk is interesting. I don’t have a Samsung phone-my husband does. And I have stopped using my phone for anything but emergency calls.(long story) What surprises me is how many artists work in journals. I started doing this from Craftsy courses. Previously, I worked on loose sheets but now I am into journals and enjoying it more.

  2. Ros, these are all good and interesting paintings. I do love your portraits. You have encouraged me to use gauche and mixed watercolor media. Also-other media with it. Years ago, I sold animal portraits in egg tempera. Not doing that anymore but it was fun. would love to know the size of your paintings as you go. I don’t paint very large these days.

      1. A5 is 5.8 X8.3 in.–Looked it up and found a chart. Just in case anyone else is curious. This is just about the size of my sketchbook as well.

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