#254 Pencils and paint

More portraits 😁 It seems that I can’t go a day without a portrait now. Each time I go into my art room to think about starting a “proper painting” another portrait calls out to me. This next one is another watercolour pencil sketch with a waterbrush touched here and there. This process is a bit hit and miss, sketching, adding water with the brush, and going over that with pencil. If I need extra depth or colour I draw directly into the wet area and sometimes dip the pencil into water. Most of my watercolour pencils are Faber Castell with a few Staedtler and Caran D’Arche as well. This is a sketch of Joanne from Sktchyapp.

Another portrait of Jane from Sktchyapp painted in gouache with Pentel ink brushpen over.
A quick sketch from real life. I decided it’s about time I tried another selfie, standing in front of the mirror using a brown Pitt artist pen in a crappy sketchbook. I added the watercolour with a waterbrush and watercolour pencils. You can see the different pencil lines, the lighter ones are used dry and the darker are into wet areas.

And finally something different. We had a gorgeous autumn day last week so we went for a picnic at a nearby National Park. I did a little value sketch followed by a quick little gouache. I quite like the scene and hope to get around to doing a “proper painting” of this in the future.


4 thoughts on “#254 Pencils and paint

  1. Wow Ros, you have been busy, I am very drawn to the Pental brush and ink portrait it’s brilliant, she will be pleased to see this one 😀 I have not been on sktchy for a while, deliberately really for the reasons you have found, I end up on a portrait mission, which I do enjoy, but I forget about everything else, I have to stay away for a while 😀

  2. Your portraits seem to have more and more life as you go on. I admire your “smiles” as mine always look too toothy and unnatural. I cannot get Sktchyapp but wish I could. Thank you for your description of the techniques here. I am using watercolor pencils more often.

    When I was in art school, I had to do many self portraits. Haven’t for awhile but now inspired to try. And have you noticed how solemn we look when we do them? It is hard to smile for a long time-for me, anyway.

    Last, it is nice to know how you look.

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