255 Outdoors and Indoors

Last week our pleinair outing was at the old cemetery. Some of the group were reluctant to paint in a spooky place but I thought we were paying homage to the old forgotten graves. I’m sure the spirits of the departed would have looked on us as friendly visitors. The weather wasn’t so kind to us though, as after about an hour the skies opened up and we were soaked in a matter of minutes πŸ˜„ Luckily I took a photo just before the drenching and the paint running and dripping off the page.

Back safe and warm indoors I resorted back to portraits from Sktchyapp, trying different techniques and materials. First up is an ink and coloured pencil sketch on Strathmore tan toned paper. The white highlights are Uniball Signo white pen.

Next was a gouache and Pentel brushpen in a Quill journal.

And because I have a couple of commissions coming up I thought I should try out some “good” Fabriano Artistico paper again, and do some step by step progress shots. This is the ghastly stage πŸ˜„ Using a very limited palette – cadmium yellow, cadmium red and a little cerulean for the flesh tones. Adding some darks with burnt sienna, ultramarine and pthalo blue, and a few splashes to try and loosen up a little.

The final dark accents on the face, glasses and background.


5 thoughts on “255 Outdoors and Indoors

  1. I am so enjoying your paintings. You are putting more and more personality and life in your portraits with the various techniques. I like every phase of your 3 stage portrait but almost like the first the best.(almost)

    I have 2 questions: What size are these portraits? and-how did you find a group to sketch with outside? The only group I have located here is meeting inside with nude models. I did enough of that for years in art school. Thanks.

    • The sizes vary depending on the book I use, from about 5×7 up to about 10 x 12 ….. I’m guessing here.
      I found a group of painters by joining a local art group.

      • I have been using a 5X4 sketchbook and it is time to enlarge.( However, it is useful to carry with me. ) I have several larger and I plan to start using them. Thanks.

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