257 John Lovett Workshop

It’s been a while and a frustrating month since my eye surgery. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite to plan and I have continuing problems focusing, and getting back to normal will take a while longer than anticipated. 

But that didn’t stop me taking a workshop with John Lovett, an artist I’ve long admired and was fortunate to be able to get into his class. I figured I’d be able to soak up some knowledge even if I couldn’t focus too well. I did however manage but suffered a bit with eye strain at the end of each day. I did learn a lot and will do some more to some of these paintings at a later date but I thought I’d share them as they were at the end of each workshop. 

Our first lesson was an exercise in simplification of a fairly busy village scene. John uses mixed media, generally starting with a very loose charcoal pencil sketch. This is followed by washes with his signature rough brush, various sized flat brushes for windows and brickwork, dip pen and ink for linework. Sometimes a rigger brush is used, sometimes an Inktense pencil. He sometimes uses gesso throughout his work, to soften areas and draws back into them.

Then a river landscape which was a composition exercise in creating a focal point. I would have liked to carry this one a bit further but my eyes were telling me no. 

Next lesson was once again choosing a focal point and different textures, drawing first with a charcoal pencil, applying loose washes over, then picking out details with ink and dip pen.

The final session was another river landscape with a rock escarpment. This was a fun exercise as rocks are very forgiving. Dropping colour into wet areas, as well as drawing with ink into damp areas gives unpredictable results.  Gouache was used for some tree trunks and that vivid blue sky, so typical of northern Australian landscapes.

John teaches in Australia, Europe and US each year. If you have the opportunity to take one of his workshops you won’t be disappointed. Failing that there is a wealth of information, very generously shared on his website and he has books, dvd’s and downloadable lessons available there.


22 thoughts on “257 John Lovett Workshop

  1. These paintings are beautiful ! I love the compositions and colors especially ! Thank you for sharing. I will check out that web site. Hope your eyes will be better soon – Wishing you fast and smooth recovery !

  2. Extraordinarily lovely — especially the river landscape! You did an amazing job.
    Praying for healed eyes . . . (I ‘ve been through a bit of eye stuff, too.)

  3. I am so sorry that you are struggling so with the healing process of your eyes. Prayers for recovery – and patience to get through it – are being said. Your wonderful talent is something I always look forward to enjoying – and I sure appreciate you sharing it!

  4. I think these are fabulous – I love the crunchy textures of the foliage, and the linework against the washes. That dark blue/green sky is something else. Terrific! πŸ™‚

  5. Ros – You have captured pure Lovett. All of these are brilliant and you obviously had a fantastic time. Eyes being a bit off is a problem, but it hasn’t affected your output. :-0

  6. Can’t stop looking at these, Rossie, they are so wonderful. You really excelled and your enjoyment races through each of your works. A question – on the final one by the rocks, how has the blue of the sky been applied?

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