259 Pleinair Air Sketches

I’m gradually getting back to sketching. A few weeks back I met with the local sketching group. Still having problems with my vision I decided to focus on shapes and skip the detail. It did help simplify the sketch.

Watercolour – Canson Montval journal.

Next sketch was in a beautiful garden, in bright sunshine again. Always a challenge trying to depict all the different greens. I have been using a limited palette and most of the greens are a combination of Pthalo Blue, Quin Gold and Alizarin Crimson added for the darks. Ultramarine is added for variation.

Watercolour – Quill journal

Last week was at one of our local picturesque spots, a park on the banks of a tranquil estuary. Although it is winter here we have been very fortunate to be able to find a sunny spot to sit in and paint.

Watercolour – Stillman and Birn Alpha journal.

I find it really helpful to have a couple of journals on hand when I’m out sketching, as I often do a thumbnail sketch in a small one, and watercolour in the larger. I can always do a few small quick sketches in one while waiting for paint to dry in the other. Can’t waste time while out painting 😄

7 thoughts on “259 Pleinair Air Sketches

  1. Really like this style-shapes, etc. The first is my favorite. Probably cuz I like buildings and the abstract design of it is great. It is interesting to see the difference in the foliage there. The tree on the right in the last picture is very different to me. Do you know what it is called?

    Sorry your vision is taking this long to clear. But as I wrote-it took me almost 4 months tho I probably had a different problem. Eyes are slow. But I am glad you are posting again.

    1. Thanks for your support Judy. The tree is commonly called a paperbark. It’s a Melaleuca, not sure of its botanical name. Commonly grows along waterways here.

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