261 Creative Slump.

I haven’t done a journal page for ages. In fact I haven’t done much in the way of sketching or painting for ages. 

But we are heading off on a road trip shortly and I’m getting my sketching supplies ready in anticipation. Art supplies are usually the first things I pack. I thought I’d share my favourite super lightweight sketch kit. I like to take this when I’m hiking or out strolling, not knowing whether I’ll actually get around to sketching, but have the supplies on hand if the mood strikes. That way I’m not lugging heavier and bulkier items then feeling peeved if I don’t get to do some sketching. 

I will also be taking along other supplies, gouache and an easel in the hope that I might get to do a painting or two. Wish me luck.

The tiny palette is fashioned from a credit card holder. You can see how I made it here. The mini journal is stitched with a sewing machine. The assembly and sewing instructions can be seen here. 

The only other sketch I managed to do over the last few weeks is an experimental portrait done with a BIC 4 colour ballpoint pen. Thanks to M Elizabeth and Sktchyapp for the reference photo.

The inspiration for trying ballpoint pens came from seeing the awe inspiring work of Nicholas V Sanchez. You can see his incredible sketches here


7 thoughts on “261 Creative Slump.

  1. Your kit looks light and convenient. I hope you get the chance to do a sketch or two. I have been having a hard time getting in sketch time also, as I have been doing road trips a lot lately. I started out doing some but quickly lost energy to keep it up. I am gearing back up for another try, also. Good luck!

  2. Nice kit, Ros! My field box for water colors is the size of a phone, and I thought that was small, but yours is even more impressively small! I know what you mean about wanting to travel light, I hate being encumbered and feeling like I made all the effort, so then I’ve GOT to paint….sometimes you just end up not feeling the urge and it’s nice to feel you have a choice and that it doesn’t matter!

    • Thanks Hilda. The kit works for me and it suits the way I like to work. I’m not one to take larger books into cafes ad paint my food, rather I just like to catch something on the spot.

  3. I made a small palette following your method with a hot glue gun. Mine is rather messy but it works and holds more paint than I had thought it would.

    Has your eye recovered? Hope to see some sketches /paintings from your road trip.Have fun. I am very envious.

  4. Question-What paper did you use for the cover of your mini journal? Or how heavy is the paper ? I have made many art sketchbooks but never used my sewing machine. Looks interesting. I’m always looking for new ideas. Thanks.

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