272 Plein Air Popularity

Plein Air outings are now a regular event each week for me. I find I am learning a great deal from painting on the spot, such as how to simplify a scene, choose colours and trying to make a painting work without being a slave to exact realism. My aim is to capture my thoughts and feelings about what I am experiencing at that time.

A couple of weeks ago our group visited a local winery and were able to set our easels up amongst the vineyards. I liked the view looking towards the distant Ranges.

Here is a photo of what I saw, although I find taking a photo in landscape mode always seems to flatten the image. And of course I exaggerated and used my artistic license.

The following week we painted in a street full of historic cottages, all lovingly cared for with beautiful gardens. We found out by chatting to one of the owners that many of these cottages were flat packed and imported from Scandinavia in the 1890s to house mill workers in the town.

At this time of the year on Instagram you see lots of posts popping up with the # 2017bestnine hashtag. A website works out the algorithms for your most popular posts for the year. It is interesting and often a surprise to see what pops up. This year mine were predominantly Plein Air sketches and paintings, with a junky tree study and a really quick silly Inktober sketch.

Does this mean I should concentrate more on Plein Air?

My downfall is that I can’t just stick to one thing. I love portraits, pet paintings, still life and more, and I want to try it all and keep on experimenting. I’m planning on taking a summer school course next month touching on abstraction. It will be interesting to see where that leads me. I’ll keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “272 Plein Air Popularity

  1. Those are not the only “best” paIntings.but I have also liked them.( I am against the “best” in anything.) And I do like your outside work. But I am with you in not wanting to stick to one type of subject. That is not a downfall but a plus.One of my instructors was asked what makes a painting a gimmick? Answer–when you do the same thing over and over and it is no longer a challenge.

    I love the first painting above. Photography does flatten out work but I do use it. Between eye surgery and back surgery, I haven’t been working outside much this year. I do want to thank you for your comments on gouache. Due to that, I got out my old gouache paints and am thoroughly enjoying them. There’s something nice about knowing you can change a bad area.

    What media did you use in the 2 new posts?

  2. I am finding that it can be difficult to tell the two (gouache and watercolor) apart depending how you use it. The more I am using gouache, the more I like it.

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