273 Holbein Watercolour Parrot

I’ve wanted to try Holbein watercolours for a long time, but they are not readily available in my corner of the world. I had to order them in and wait awhile. Living in Western Australia we always joke that WA stands for “wait awhile”.

So after waiting awhile they finally arrived, and to try out the pigments I made swatch cards. I cut up a sheet of watercolour paper into small rectangles, drew a line with permanent black pen, then painted over it with each colour, the bottom section with undiluted paint, the top with dilution. The black line allows me to check the transparency of each colour. I note the name of the colour, the pigment number and lightfast rating. I have done this with most of my different brands of paint, as it gives me a permanent record of every colour and it’s also handy to use for colour matching or selecting a background colour.

This was the basic 18 tube set, with colours I would not choose but the red and green seemed just right for the painting of a little parrot.

I needed a piece of artwork to be exactly 8 x 10 inches finished size for an exhibition, and adding a frame would reduce the painting area, so I googled an alternative way of presenting a watercolour. I found how to gallery wrap watercolour paper onto a small canvas frame. I used Fabriano Artistico 300 g for this “canvas”.

The process – cut the paper large enough to wrap around to the back of the frame – soak the paper before stretching and stapling it onto the frame. The paper shrinks when dry to a nice firm surface to paint on. To finish the painting I applied several coats of wax medium, buffing to a low sheen to give a waterproof finish.

The bird I painted is a Western Rosella, native to our area. I have a special affinity for these birds.

We had noticed a breeding pair flying around our house looking unsuccessfully for a suitable nesting hollow, so once again Mr Google was consulted and the answer found. My clever hub built the perfect nesting box, attached it to the front verandah and the female took up residence the next day. It was a great success. This week three babies flew the nest. It was a real delight being able to watch these birds come and go through the window of our living room.

I wonder now how I could manage without access to the internet. Ordering supplies, googling information and inspiration and sharing art.

2 thoughts on “273 Holbein Watercolour Parrot

  1. Wonderful idea for individual paint samples with info included! The Holbein colors look vibrant. Do you like them compared to other brands?

    1. Hi Connie, I’ve actually only done the one painting with Holbein so I can’t give an answer yet. The paints stayed lovely and moist and seem very easy to rewet. I tend to use my readily filled palettes for most paintings so I’ll use these when I need to top up.

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