289 New Year Resolution

Nope! I’m rubbish at resolutions, always starting off well but inevitably fall in a heap after a while. So instead for the new year I’m doing a personal challenge, that is to do more fun stuff…… and hopefully blog more regularly.

2018 saw me become involved in exhibiting my work both in Riverfront Gallery, Denmark and Southern Art and Craft Trail. As an exhibitor in a gallery the main object is to sell work, and with the economic climate and increased competition, sales are hard to come by. I feel that I’m constantly trying to paint what the buyer may want,so it becomes work rather than pleasure.

So I’m resolving now to just play and experiment, and use some of those art supplies bought on a whim and promptly ignored. An added motivation to do this was the opportunity to participate in a rerun of Liz Steel’s Sketching Foundations course which I completed in 2015. Liz reopened this course for past participants, and new students this week, so I’m hoping this will reinvigorate my love of sketching. I’d also like to get more proficient at painting directly with a waterbrush.

Here’s my start, my most used sketching tools in a half used page in a Canson Montval journal. Hey, I’m using up stuff and not buying new!

The pencil was sketched with the watercolour pencil, and blended with a waterbrush. Side swatches show a blending of colours, dry pencil at the top and blended with a waterbrush at the bottom.

The mechanical pencil was sketched with pencil with watercolour wash over.

Uniball pen and palette were sketched directly with a waterbrush, using my mini limited palette of a favourite triad – yellow, magenta (Permanent rose) and cyan (Pthalo Blue) with extras – Quinacridone gold, Raw sienna, Burnt sienna, Ultramarine blue and Indigo.

I’m starting with minimal tools but I hope to use all my arsenal of art supplies over the 12 week course.

I will also post other work during the course but I hope I can keep up my fun sketching as well.


4 thoughts on “289 New Year Resolution

  1. This is really interesting. I’m sure I am a lot older than you are ( I am 79) but I have been through this so many times. And I am still going through this for the who-knows-how- many times. Painting to sell vs. painting what and how I enjoy my art. It can include both but it isn’t easy. One of my instructors at art school told us that it can be a detriment to get into a gallery as they then expect you to do more of the same.( He burned out at an early age. ) Years ago I was in a gallery and my egg tempera animal paintings were selling. I got tired of this and changed to acrylic, used it the same way, but they didn’t accept this.

    I guess I am trying to say that I admire what you are doing. And what a good idea to use supplies you haven’t before. Should be fun. You are a fine artist and I am looking forward to following your progress. You are always an inspiration to me.

    • Thanks Judy. I always look forward to your comments. I do have another exhibition starting next week but that will be the last for a while and I’m looking forward to more play time.

  2. Started the Liz Steel Foundation class yesterday too… did some organizing and rearranging all my art supplies (optimum word is SOME). I didn’t make any resolutions really, just a goal to paint more. Not sure I’m going to share my art online as much as I used to, free myself to experiment more and just do stuff that makes me happy… even if it ends up looking like a mud pie.

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