I live and paint in the beautiful South West corner of Australia. I have been involved with some form of art for most of my life, mainly in the disciplined field of  architectural and landscape drafting and decorative painting.

This blog is to record my journey in the process of learning more about painting and will be an ongoing list of my artistic efforts from rough work to finished paintings.  I will attempt to post a few paintings a week – mainly watercolour but gouache, acrylic and sometimes pastel may also appear here. 


17 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Hello Ros:

    First, I am impressed and enthralled by your watercolor work. It exhibits such a free and easy style and I know just how difficult good watercolor art is to produce or create! Very fine work, indeed.

    Secondly, your latest blog entry mentioned that you were unsatisfied with the colors that your Fine Pix was producing (in relation to your tablet). The fact is, most if not all digital pictures need some sort of editing work before the results are acceptable. Normally, some or all of this necessary work is done automatically by the camera but it must first be set up to do so. Your camera instruction book will tell you how to make some of these settings.

    Another way, one which I prefer (but I am a digital photographer) is to accomplish this process using an editing program. With one, you can manipulate every aspect of your finished image (the picture of your picture,) the color saturation, tonality, contrast, brightness, etc.

    A very good, and free, program with which to accomplish this work is Faststone Photo Viewer. Find it on the web and download it. With very little practice you’ll be turning out the images that you feel most successfully represent your art.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Kevin, thanks so much for taking the time for such a great comment. As I said in my post that I was not a photographer but I do have photoshop which I can edit my pics with. My point was that I can just take a quick pic with the tablet and apart from cropping the image is as good (or even better)in half the time it takes me with the other. I will look into Fastone Viewer. Hopefully that might resolve my problems.

  2. Hi Ros, thank you for the “Like” left to my comment to Magny Tjelta she is a wonderful blogger friend we love each other art. Your like made me discover your beautiful Blog! I Follow now! I love your watercolors paintings and the way you use the colors. I am an artist designer and I express my art in many different ways. I create unique jewelry inspired by nature, I love to paint with watercolors, I love Photography and Digital Art and more…I hope that you will visit my Blog and Follow. I like to interact with other artists…. 🙂

  3. I also found your blog thru another–Shari Blaukopf. It is so interesting to be able to share art with artists in other countries. I also enjoy the different materials one has that we do not. I started watching your daily postings in what looked like a very thick journal. Can you tell me what that one is? I love your paintings and your approach. glad I found you.

    • Ah, Shari’s wonderful blog. My favourite. Thank you for your comments on my journal. The little thick journal was a gift. Beautifully bound but not watercolor friendly paper.
      It was made at a bookbinders shop in Florence. That’s all I can tell you about it.

  4. Love your work Ros!
    You are a great artist! Love your journal.
    My plan for 2017 is start to paint again.
    Inspire on you!
    I need it for my mind!!!
    Hugs Ros.

  5. Love your blog! I too found you through Shari Blaukopf, another wonderful watercolorist. It is so inspiring for me to study the fresh washes of color you splash with what appears to be such ease. I know time, patience and a disciplined background in architecture surely helped train your eye and hand. Thanks for posting, it is a pleasure to view.

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