232 Pet Portraits and Sketching

Something a bit different this week – a Sktchy portrait first up. I really want to be able to capture faces quicker than I am doing at present, so by tapping into Sktchyapp I can find thousands of photos to use for practise. I had great intentions of doing several quick practise sketches each week but I only managed one this week. Just a 2b pencil on cartridge paper.

In my town Thursday morning has now become a regular Meetup with a few other artists for some local sketching. As we are in the middle of winter only a few diehard sketchers braved the chilly winds in the centre of town this week. I’m getting a little more comfortable sketching in public, and don’t really care if I’m making a spectacle of myself anymore. I find it interesting that previously people would just pass by, but when they see you sitting there sketching, the same people will stop and chat about drawing and art in general. 

I sat opposite the town hall and sketched it with a Uniball Eye pen on Canson Montval paper, then added the watercolour at home where it was a bit warmer. We actually had a couple of hours sunshine so I was able to capture the shadows from a photo I took.

I also managed to finish a painting I sketched last weekend. This cute little fellow was from a photo by Shadoe posted in the weekend challenge on Wetcanvas. I tried to capture his personality as well as his likeness. Painted on Arches cold press watercolour paper.

As an animal lover I do enjoy painting dogs and cats. This got me thinking during a visit to our local veterinary clinic early last week. While I was in the waiting room I thought it could do with a bit of animal art displayed on the walls. That got the brain ticking over. Maybe I could get a few pet portrait commissions if I displayed one of my paintings there. It would help a little towards the vet fees too πŸ˜„.  They were happy to do it, so as a result I am now in the Pet Portrait commission business. I’ve updated my Pet Portrait  page. Have a look and tell me what you think.

9 thoughts on “232 Pet Portraits and Sketching

  1. Admirably proactive with the pet portraits. I have to admit I always cringe a bit when someone asks me for that. They’re always the most unattractive animals and you have to work from a single, badly framed photo. Good luck though πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve yet to get one commission though πŸ˜„. Also, I’ve tried to find out how to subscribe to your blog, and can’t find anywhere on the site. I’d love to get a notification each time you post. Your paintings are tops!

    2. Your reply made me laugh. Recently I had the urge to paint the dogs belonging to my many family members. The photos they sent were all by e-mail and blurry. One dog was almost all black -lovely animal-but the photo was not usable. I’m afraid I just let the whole idea go.

  2. I also love the portrait. But the Town Hall and dog are great. It is interesting to me that you sometimes use photographs as I do. ( If Van Gogh, Degas, and other famous artists used them, so can I) I looked at your Pet Portrait page and love these! I once sold animal portraits in egg tempura or gauche. Never thought of the vet. There are large photographs for sale at two places we have been to. Its a wonderful idea . Here, as well, the vet bills are very high.

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