185 Gouache Cottage and Stitched Journal

Another post on sketchbook stuff. Here is my latest gouache sketch in the toned paper sketchbook. I am slowly getting used to gouache. It has both endearing and frustrating qualities and it takes a while to become familiar with it, or maybe that’s just me.
I love that it’s easy to use, fast drying and easy clean up. I’m still getting used to the colour darkening on drying, unlike watercolour. I would like to use it more for plein air spontaneous sketches but I need a bit more practise beforehand.
This little sketch was from a photo on Wetcanvas by Yorky. I’ve always had a soft spot for old buildings surrounded by cottage gardens.


And yet another sketchbook. I saw a post here on making quick little sketchbooks stitched on a sewing machine. Thanks Magny!  I used 6 pieces of heavy cartridge paper stitched onto a piece of manila card.


I painted the outside of the cover after I had assembled it because I was in a hurry to make this book as I wanted to use it on my morning walk. It’s super light and small enough to slip into a pocket along with my Signo black pen.  Next time I’ll do it the right way round.


I tried it out on my Sunday morning walk – a 5 minute sketch while my sister kept warm doing step ups on the stairs. I added the colour later at home. I’m hoping by carrying this with me in my bag I’ll be motivated to sketch daily.



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